donald t. perdue – sculptor, artist, educator

My work is about expressing the spirit of visual ideas through rendering them in tangible materials thereby giving such ideas concrete form. The resulting pieces reflect many interrelated muses. What I see in nature around me, what I visualize in my mind’s eye, combined and enriched by the collective visions that the legions of fellow artists throughout the ages have gifted us with. An admixture of all the preceding serves as the fuel driving my work. The choice of media, be it wood, clay, plaster, stone, metal or other materials lend their own voices to the tactile poetry of how each idea grows in my hands and real space. To realize the forms and textures I’m seeking in the material being used, I engage in a very personal visual and tactile dialogue Thus evolves the creative dance to decide how space and light will interact with the emerging shapes, and how I balance the design elements in play. Making sculpture is my own life’s odyssey, one I’m delighted to pursue through both successes and the many challenges encountered along the way.

Sculpting in wood and casting in bronze, aluminum, hydrocal, synthetic stone, and other media, master sculptor Donald Perdue has produced hundreds of sculptures over his 50-year career as an artist and educator.

Some of the art on exhibition here is still available for sale — many of the sculptures, (as well as two of the larger, monumental outdoor pieces) are already in private collections. Finally, several artworks in the galleries are maquettes, and have yet to be finally rendered as bronzes, etc.

As you make your way through the exhibits, note that mousing over the larger images of the sculpture will display a alternate view of a 3/4 angle or the opposite side.

Please contact Don Perdue with any inquiries regarding availability and pricing of the sculpture.