Don Perdue – resume brief

I have been studying, practicing and creating sculpture as well as the related visual arts for fifty five plus years. My work has been exhibited in art centers, galleries, museums and is included in private and public collections. I have also completed a variety of commissioned pieces ranging from portraits, to large outdoor site-specific pieces, to editioning a half life-sized Canada Goose in Flight series of bronze castings in cooperation with the National Audubon Society.

Paralleling my creative work, I have taught fine arts and humanities for more than fifty years in a broad variety of venues ranging from early childhood learning opportunities, artist residencies in grade schools and art centers, middle and high school fine arts teaching positions, as well as a BFA college faculty position. In addition, for thirty plus years I conducted adult sculpture classes in my own studio teaching the aesthetics and applied techniques employed in clay modeling, wax modeling, direct plaster work, assemblages in wood, paper & metal, casting, and the carving of both wood and stone. Both my teaching and my personal creative efforts have benefitted my life experience in countless ways. At this age my hope is that what I can offer through my art will stir other’s imaginations and assist others to better realize their own creative aspirations.

– Don Perdue