Spring Clay Sculpture Classes with Don Perdue at the Middlebury Studio School

middlebury studio schoolSculptor Don Perdue will be offering classes this spring at the Middlebury Studio School – please call 802-247-3702, email middleburystudioschool@<gmail.com or click here to learn more and enroll.

Sculpting in Clay – Instructor, Don Perdue

Students will continue refining applied modeling and clay use techniques in conjunction with learning more about the compositional & design principles of sculpture. Both figurative and non-figurative approaches are included. Students will be encouraged to explore working in both full round and relief techniques. The objective being to realize well composed pieces which express unique ideas that actively involve an interplay of positive forms, negative space, light & shadow ,and the dynamics of surface texture. The dual goals being to create pieces that can be fired directly and/or used as patterns for making molds and casting in clay, plaster or cement compounds. Students may purchase clay from MSS and will need to buy their armature, mold making and casting supplies individually.

  • Session 1: Sat, Apr 7 & 14 from 1-3:30PM< & Apr 21 & 28 from 10AM-12:30, Tuition $120
  • Session 2: Sat, May 12-26, 10AM-12:30, Tuition $90

Free Demo: Sculpting With Clay with Don Perdue

Saturday, February 10, 1-2:30PM

middlebury studio schoolThis demo will highlight the hands-on techniques Don will be teaching in his upcoming studio classes at the Middlebury Studio School.

Don will be showing several “Terracotta” methods of sculpting with clay that make it possible to fire the resulting pieces when completed or use such a piece as a pattern for making a mold and subsequently casting it in clay, plaster or other media. In addition, he will be showing how to make and use a basic armature for modeling sculptural works in either water clay or non-drying plastilene along with examples of his own work cast in clay, plaster, cast stone, and bronze.

Don Perdue presently has works being exhibited in the Annual Holiday group show at the Jackson Gallery at Town Hall Theater and recently participated in the Town Hall Theater’s Great Cherry Woodcraft Exhibit last October with his Summer Sylph cherry wood assemblage/carving.

Don’s work has been exhibited in art centers, galleries, museums, and is included in private and public collections. In addition, he has made a variety of commissioned pieces ranging from portraits, to large outdoor site-specific pieces, to editioning a half life-sized Canada Goose in Flight series of bronze castings in cooperation with the National Audubon Society.

Clay Sculpture Classes with Don Perdue at the Middlebury Studio School

Sculptor Don Perdue will be offering classes this winter at the Middlebury Studio School – please call 802-247-3702, email middleburystudioschool@gmail.com or click here to learn more and enroll.

Direct Sculpting in Clay – Instructor, Don Perdue

Jump in and create your own hands-on sculpture. Learn and refine the techniques and design principles of sculpting with clay. In these workshops we will be exploring both figurative and non-figurative sculpture in the round as well as the various forms of relief . The objective will be to realize well composed pieces that express each participant’s unique ideas through using direct, hand-building techniques so that the resulting pieces can be either fired or used to make piece molds from during the spring sessions. Tuition includes 12.5 lb. of water clay.

  • Weds afternoons, 1:00 – 3:30 PM
  • Session 1, Jan. 10 – 31 Tuition $120

Modeling In Clay – Instructor, Don Perdue

These studio sessions will focus on the techniques and considerations of modeling full round and relief sculptural ideas in traditional water clay and plasticine clays, as well as designing and constructing armatures for working in clay. During Session One, the focus will be on choosing the right clay body for your project along with the armature techniques & materials you will need to support the clay piece you have in mind, constructing your armature and laying up your piece in clay. Session Two will focus on developing the skills with tools and materials essential to developing each learner’s personal abilities. Through experience, each sculptor develops many personal variations in using materials & techniques to achieve one’s own language of forms and style. Resulting projects should be considered as possible patterns to make waste and/or piece molds from during the spring season when it will be possible to work with plaster.

Tuition includes 12.5 lb. water clay. Plasticine and armature materials will need to be purchased separately.

  • Friday afternoons, 2 – 4:30
  • Session 1, Feb 2 – Mar 2, Tuition $120
  • Session 2, Mar 9 – Mar 30 Tuition $120


the great woodcraft exhibit


summer sylph cherry wood carving

Don Perdue and other Vermont woodcrafters are taking over Middlebury’s VT’s Town Hall Theater in a one-of-a-kind exhibition of artistry and skill.  A stunning pile of cherry planks has been drying in a barn for over 60 years. The planks range in size from 5-18 feet and are over 2 inches thick. Don Perdue will be displaying his new 37″ high sculpture Summer Sylph, created in this cherry wood donated by Peter Langrock and his wife that made this event and the resulting works possible.

the great cherry woodcraft exhibitTown Hall Theater asked area woodworkers to create interesting, imaginative items out of this beautiful material. Tables, chests, cutting boards, sculpture,- there are no restrictions. Much of the fun of this exhibit is to see what the artisans dreamed up. You won’t be disappointed!

The theater is open to visitors Tuesday – Friday, noon 5pm. Items on display are available for purchase at the exhibit and half the proceeds will go to Town Hall Theater. Items not purchased will be up for auction Saturday, October 28 at 2pm. Please join the artists for a reception prior to the auction at 1pm.