monumental outdoor sculpture

brook hollow oracle monumental outdoor sculpture

For larger, outdoor commissioned works, Don Perdue has sculpted in cast concrete, fiberglass, and aluminum. These pieces are site-specific, being conceived and created for the particular environment of their installation – whether being integrated into extant architecture and landscaping, or conceived along with it.

The abstract, modernist Brook Hollow Oracle is a site specific commission created as a playful yet contemplative sculptural expression for the particular pastoral setting it occupies,  it crowns a small hillock surrounded by streams and trees., and being a cast stone aggregate with a lightly textured finish, it catches the play of light and shadow traceries from the surround trees that is ever changing throughout the seasons.

This slightly smaller aluminum construction Seaforms V was created out of the imagery of the artist’s whimsical small Seaforms stone carvings and planar figure series to convey that timeless interplay between mankind and the rhythmic forces of sea and wind. It’s mat finish overlapping curvilinial planes partially absorb light while the polished edges enable light to both run and dance,  It stands at private residential property among the the native flora of a Jersey Shore barrier island overlooking a bayside lagoon.

Oracle X is a small maquette for a monumental scale work, of comparable size to the Brookhollow Oracle.